The temperature of the food should be close to the temperature of the human body, so it is absorbed quickly and will not disrupt thermoregulation; the first dish should not be too sharp; broth is recommended to boil on lean chicken, lean beef best thai vegetarian food.

Avoid soup additives – spices, cubes and other concentrates – do not contain anything natural and destroy its internal organs from the esophagus to the intestines;

Dispense the contents or make it in a mixture of butter and vegetable oil.

Every day, every person’s diet should consist of vegetables, grains, meats, and if they are all linked together in one dish that’s okay. If the use of these ingredients is preferred separately – excellent too.

After the winter, it is always a great frustration to deal with the weight that has risen. How to lose those extra pounds that have accumulated insidiously during the cold season? We can say that 500 grams more or less doesn’t make a big difference, but the extra pounds add up quickly to each other. So when summer arrives, you realize with dismay that you are no longer in top shape in your sexy bikini from last year.

Searching the internet you end up finding a draconian diet (i.e. with an extreme calorie restriction) to get a quick result. The soup diet is one of those draconian diets that are sure to suit you.