Use of Open Source Code Softwares in Anti Debugging

As we began the project of our website, we understood that the proprietary software costs will be too high for our fiscal resources. Our only option then was to use Open Source Code softwares. But within the Open Source Code that there are Plenty of softwares To pick from, and it´s up to the machine analyst and programmer to select those which best suit the project objectives.

There are scores of Linux distributions, each one with specific benefits, sometimes with or without paid services. We chose Linux Slack ware since we believed it would suit Better our needs, concerning stability and reliability. Slack ware is a conservative supply, meaning that it only provides in its supply package kernel versions and third party libraries, when it´s been demonstrated to be reliable and stable. Because of this, Slack ware is one the most secure Linux operating system on the market

Another reason for us choosing slack ware, was due to its text Interface, which in the beginning might become a little difficult, in the future however it provides a better comprehension of the Linux environment. This way the majority of Slack ware configurations are done via text scripts.

Once it had been established the operating system, we chose Apache as our web server. Apache is one of the most popular web servers in the web. For server programming language, we chose PHP. Also, a highly popular programming language. Our expertise with Apache and PHP demonstrates that this installation is quite dependable, functioning extremely well in our production environment

Apache web server is truly a comprehensive web server. In Addition, It can become very complicated with many configuration setups. For our database, we chose Postgresql. This database has been Made accessible to the public for at least years, and besides of being well debugged, it provides numerous tools that it has become among the greatest database choices from Open Source Code softwares. Incredibly dependable, Postgresql has reported instances where there have been databases in production with more than 4 terabytes. Besides all that, Postgresql is not the most popular Open Source Code database

anti debugging

Regarding the programming language PHP in anti debugging, we needed to use an object oriented application structure. There are lots of PHP application structures being offered with Open Source Code license. Object oriented application is quite important, since it makes programming very simple and scalable up to the point at which the machine may grow without many issues.

Additionally, it will help to maintain PHP code separated from HTML, with the aid of some specific libraries, such as smarty. We make use of Smarty library and we think it is a really important resource, which could even make web pages quicker through using its cache functions.