A Helpful guide to know about employment practices

Employers with an Employment Practices Manual in place are better able to thwart EPLI claims. No matter how small your company is, you need a risk management plan. Even if you have a policy for Employment Practices Liability Insurance, if you do not have an Employment Practices Manual in place, you could jeopardize your chances of defending yourself against claims and lawsuits.

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A lawyer who specializes in defending employers only should be employed if they possess the education, experience, and expertise needed. A generalist lawyer who defends both employers and employees is not the best choice for your company’s front line of defense. Employing a fair employment practices singapore attorney will generally mean that they can also provide you with an employee handbook/employment practices manual. You will have a great degree of success if, in addition to designing and writing the employee handbook, the same attorney defends their work in court. It is unlikely that purchasing a cheap employee handbook online and then expecting an attorney to defend you with someone else’s document will result in a successful outcome.

Employing an attorney to draft a custom employee handbook will help you ensure that your unique business practices are addressed in light of the legal climate of employer-employee relationships.  You may save money by going cheap with your employee handbook, but then you may have to pay a lot to an attorney to defend you as to why you chose a handbook that may comply with the letter of the law, but surely not with the spirit of the law.

Last but not least, having a document printed out and lying around at the office will not help you in your daily quest to advertise EPLI claims and lawsuits.