Number One And The Best 6me Home Services

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According to the MOM notice dated July 22, 2021, 6me domestic service will be terminated after August 28, 2021. The DA will immediately stop the Home Care Order.  But the clinic continues to provide 6ME services. You can contact 8DA Clinic directly to arrange all clinic services.

Their mission is to provide simple, affordable and effective 6me healthcare for everyone.

high excellence in everything they do. They use technology and innovation in transforming the way people access and provide healthcare. They are the perfect combination of online and offline pills.

Innovation is at the heart of their activities and existence.

They challenge the status quo by taking the following steps:

  • Fast-paced relentless opportunity.
  • Accept the changes created by the use of technology and
  • They support positive change in the industry like never before.
  • They accept mistakes to reduce losses when they take action, they are not afraid to change.

Customers and patients come first.

They are passionate about meeting their needs through innovation. They believe in offering excellent technology and 6me service. They are working hard to earn their trust by serving them. They act as customers as DA brand ambassadors regardless of patient role or level. They think positively, act positively and inspire others with optimism. Their focus is to achieve great success through interacting with team members around they value both victories, big and small. They exceed expectations and motivate themselves with ambitious goals. They believe it is their responsibility to do what matters. They never succumb to the world.